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The year 2020 is still only a few months young and it has already provided us with quite a few unexpected situations.

When we first heard about the Covid19 virus, we never thought that it would have such a big effect on our everyday lives and methods of conducting business.

On 15 March 2020 President Cyril Ramaphosa declared a national state of disaster in South Africa and the next week a lockdown for a period of 21 days.

Since then, the spread of the virus and its effects are giving rise to complex situations in normal operational management of companies, directly affecting different variables, as well as its most valuable resource, its clients and its human resources.

Elmar is committed to assist in breaking or slowing down the current upward curve of COVID-19 infections in our country. Given the special circumstances arising from the impact of the virus, Elmar is encouraging social distancing and individual isolation for all its employees and clients.

We will however still be available to assist our clients remotely during the lockdown period. We can also assist with cloud hosting solutions to enable you and your employees to be able to access your data from anywhere.

The President has also announced a variety of initiatives to assist SMMEs (Small, Medium and Micro-Enterprises) that will need assistance in surviving the three week lockdown and economic disruptions flowing from the COVID-19 coronavirus. The Elmar team will also be available to update your payroll to implement the payroll related relief measures and to provide you with information on the other relief measures available.

All these changes might feel overwhelming and it is normal to feel scared about what the future will hold. Just know that right now your ability to change and adapt will be your greatest asset and we will be there to assist you in this process. So be safe, be healthy and let us try to be positive!

So should you need us - please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Elmar team